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Jamie Collins, a litigation paralegal in Indianapolis, IN, has created a social forum for paralegals called "The Paralegal Society," which consists of a blog and a “social club,” which is hosted on LinkedIn.  Jamie writes a litigation column for KNOW:  The Paralegal Magazine, and several other popular, mainstream paralegal publications and reputable blogs, including the National Paralegal Reporter and The Estrin Report.   The goal at TPS is to educate, motivate and inspire paralegals to pursue excellence and perpetuate positive changes in the profession by providing a comfortable place where paralegals can “let their hair down,” learn, grow, share, and experience a true sense of camaraderie, commonality, and friendship with their paralegal peers.


In five months, TPS has gained a large following across the US and many parts of the world, including Israel, Africa, Canada, the UK and China.  To date, the site has seen over 25,000 hits, been featured on About.com (a part of The New York Times Company), in Know: The Paralegal Magazine, on The Estrin Report, Women in e-Discovery, Litigation Support Guru, Criminal Justice Degree Schools, Practical Paralegalism, The Empowered Paralegal, and Virtual Paralegal, in addition to being ranked the #2 Paralegal Blog in the country, pursuant to a leading top blogs list!  In fact, TPS was recently described as:  “A terrific collaborative blog…one of the most exciting new efforts to enter the blogosphere, featuring essays on a variety of paralegal-related topics from both paralegals and attorneys.”  Please see the attached flyer for more information. Also, check out the forum at:www.theparalegalsociety.wordpress.com.

Paralegal Salary Survey

Special Counsel is gathering information regarding the salaries of Middle Tennessee paralegals. If you are interested in providing information, please complete this short survey. The results will be published in September 2018 and will be sent to those professionals who provide their contact information.

I want to participate!

Paralegal Education Analyzed

For an interesting article by Clifford C. Smith comparing paralegal education in the United States and in Canada, click PARALEGAL EDUCATION: A Comparative Analysis. (Used with permission of author)

ABA Discussion Paper 

& NFPA's Comments

Attached for review is a Discussion Paper on Alternative Law Practice Structures (recently released by the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20) which studies amending the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to allow nonlawyer financial interest in a firm and to share in its profits.  NFPA  will be submitting comments to the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 before their February 2-3, 2012, meeting. 

UPDATE 2/1/12!!!  Attached is NFPA's Comments to the ABA's Discussion Paper on Alternative Law Practice Structures above.

Survey Participation

If you would like to participate in a regional survey about paralegal networks, please click here and choose the Second Region (Southeast United States). 

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