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4th Annual
Music City Miles for Melanoma
October 4, 2014 at Shelby Bottoms


Last year, Nashville raised $35,000 for research! Join us this year and help make a difference!
WHO: You!
WHAT: A 5K run/walk that will allow participants to help raise funds to support research,
education and advocacy for melanoma.
WHERE: Shelby Bottoms Riverview Shelter, Nashville, TN
WHEN: Saturday, October 4, 2014
Check-in and Registration begins at 7:00 a.m.
Run/Walk begins at 8:00 a.m.
FEES: REGISTRATION IS FREE! Online registration will end on October 2, 2014 at Midnight.
We hope each participant will raise $100 to help us reach our goal. Race day registration will be $30 for adults 18 years and over and $10 for children ages 6 - 17 years. No race day fee for 5 years and under.

Military Outreach Program - Navy Legalman Project (2011)

MTPA has decided to participate in the Military Outreach Program - Navy Legalman Project once again this year.  Our goal is to send care packages each quarter to our assigned Navy Legalman to make life easier for those who have chosen to serve our country.  The 2011 MTPA Board would like for our members to bring items to our monthly meetings so that they can be placed in these care packages.  The board will then take care of mailing these packages each quarter.  Monetary donations are also accepted and the board will shop for you.  Please deliver all donations (except) monetary to the box with that designation.  Monetary donations may be given to Jonna Hall, and she will shop for you.  The coordinator for this project is MTPA member Jonna Hall.  She can be reached at jhall@gsrm.com.

Here is the list of suggested items:

Antibiotic Ointment
Chapstick/lip balm/Carmex
Sunscreen (Bull Frog is good)
Bug Repellent (with deet)
Nose spray/nose drops*
Eye drops/Saline*
Face cleaner*
Liquid hand sanitizer*, Baby wipes
Foot/body powder (Gold Bond)
Shampoo, Conditioner*
Hand/Body Lotion*
Band-aids, Mole Skin
Tooth Brush, Toothpaste
Mouth Wash (no alcohol can be in this)*
Dental Floss
Nail Clippers
Single serving pasta
Ready to heat soups, Instant soup, Ramien noodles
Powdered Power-aide/Gator-aide or sweetened Kool-aide/Tang
Granola bars, Cereal Bars
Beef Jerky (no pork)
Fruit/Pudding Cups
Hot or Dry Cereal (individual servings)
Chex Mix
Tuna Kits
Coffee, Tea Bags, Hot Chocolate
Lemonade mix/Ice Tea mix (individual packets)
Dried Fruit, Raisins, Fruit Roll-ups
Hard Candy (no chocolate-it melts)
Trail/Snack Mix
Chips, Cookies, Crackers, Microwave Popcorn, Pretzels
Pop Tarts, Rice Krispy Treats, Snack Cakes
Licorice, Jelly Beans, Aqua Drops, Gum
Sunflower seeds
Peanuts in a shell
Condiments (salt/pepper/sugar/coffee supplies)
Cough drops
Dice, travel games, puzzle books
Individual instant coffee bags
Paperback Books (novels), magazines
Tylenol, Ibuprofen & Allergy medicine
Zipper Ziploc bags - small & large
Instant cameras
Small sewing kits
Mini Flashlight
Stress Balls
Stress Balls, Squirt Guns, Yo-Yo's
Disposable Cameras
Small Stuffed Animals
Frisbees, Dart Board, Legos
Puzzles, Comics
Play Doh, Balloons; Slinky
Sidewalk Chalk, Foam Footballs (miniature size)
Postcards from your area
*Please place anything that can spill (shampoo, cologne, etc.) inside a Zip Lock bag, just in case it decides to open up on the trip there.

 **Phone Cards:  The Army and Air Force Exchange prepaid 550-minute card charges no extra fees and offers 143 minutes of calls from the Iraq or Afghanistan theaters to the U.S., for 19 cents a minute. (The card would provide 550 minutes if used in the U.S., at a much lower per-minute rate.)  Even those without military exchange shopping privileges can buy the cards at http://www.aafes.com through the “Help Our Troops call Home” campaign. More than 249,000 cards have been sent since the campaign started in 2004.

There are certain items which are unacceptable for shipment (the DHL website includes playing cards as items that are restricted) so please check with Jonna if you are in doubt and before you purchase!  Or you can check for yourself at: 

YWCA Domestic Violence Services (2010)

MTPA members support the YWCA's Domestic Violence Services Program by collecting and donating school supplies and backpacks each year for those children whose mothers are in dangerous relationships, but are receiving assistance and support from the YWCA as they work through this very difficult situation.

September 2010 Update:

The YWCA’s Weaver Domestic Violence Center is in need of various items. They are critically low on the following supplies:
• Twin Sheets & Pillow Cases
• Full sized Bath Towels
• Size 4-6 diapers and Pull-ups
• Baby Wipes
• Baby Bottles
• Hair brushes
• Sanitary napkins (Pads)
• Hair Styling Products especially ones for African American hair
• Deodorant
• Sugar/Sweeteners
• Coffee
• Full Sized Bottles of Hair Conditioner (they’re ok on shampoo right now)
• Cleaning Supplies (things like all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, mopping liquid, etc.)
• BRAND NEW Toys (to be used for birthday presents) especially things for boys
• Pots & Pans
In addition, donations of the following gently used items will also be accepted:  sheets, towels, bottles, pots and pans. Please contact Christine Cronk with any questions or for assistance with organizing pick-up/delivery of your donated items. Chris can be reached directly by calling 615-850-8761 or by email at chris.cronk@wallerlaw.com.  You may also contact Abby Sasser, YWCA's Director of Volunteer Services, at 615-983-5162.  Please share this information with friends and co-workers. Any and all assistance is greatly needed and appreciated. Thank You!
The Weaver Center is the largest domestic violence shelter in the state of Tennessee and is located at a confidential location. The Center houses as many as 51 women and children at a time and residents stay for up to 90 days.  Last year the Center provided more than 14,000 safe bed nights to women and children fleeing domestic violence. Shelter services include: therapeutic counseling and case management for all residents, therapeutic programming for children and teens, addictions treatment, legal advocacy, and limited on-site medical care. They also offer affordable transitional housing for women and families who need it when they leave the shelter. In addition to these services, the Center tries to supply residents with all of their basic needs from clothing to personal hygiene products to food. That’s where MTPA members can help! 

Past Projects

* 2006 Nashville Bar Association Toy Drive
* Habitat for Humanity Build Day
* Tornado Cleanup - Hendersonville
* ADA Walk for Diabetes
* VITA Tax Preparation                                       * CASA Nashville

NBA Mock Trial

The Young Lawyers' Division of the Nashville Bar Association needs volunteers every year in February who are interested in acting as Judges, Scorers, & Bailiffs for the Davidson County High School Mock Trial Competition.  Note that attorneys are only allowed to act as Judges and Scorers.   

Please email Lauren Paxton Roberts (lauren.roberts@stites.com) or Matthew Cox (mcc@iplawgroup.com) with any questions or to volunteer.

TBA Mock Trial

The Young Lawyers' Division of the Tennessee Bar Association needs volunteers every year in March who are interested in acting as Judges, Scorers, & Bailiffs for the statewide Mock Trial Competition.  Note that attorneys are only allowed to act as Judges and Scorers.  For more information, visit the TBA YLD website or contact  Marisa Combs to volunteer.


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